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Providing leaders with the tools to meet and exceed their goals is the subject of a new book by Wharton Business school graduate, Marine, Entrepreneur, and Corporate leader William J Rizzo. Maximum Accountability® guides readers through a proven process to prevent creating a negative culture or underperformance. The book is separated into three sections: Leadership, Quantum Mindset, and Quantum Year, which are the three core principles of Maximum Accountability. A supporting workbook will be available later this summer.

“The skills and topics discussed in this book are a compilation of my experience in the United States Marine Corps, my formal education at the Wharton School of Business, my years of experience coaching in sports, and my time as a father raising my six children, ” says Rizzo.

The book was inspired by witnessing poor leadership in the workforce and during athletic events that were disruptive and negative to the team’s success or the company. Maximum Accountability® helps those in influential roles achieve significant and measurable milestones such as increasing productivity, attracting top talent, improving the employee experience, or building better teams by utilizing a diverse workforce.

The need for a structured process, like the concepts outlined within Maximum Accountability®, is extremely relevant in today’s work environment as there are not enough candidates with the leadership skills needed to take on managerial positions. Consider the following:

      • 77% of corporations experienced leadership gaps pre-pandemic ( in 2019).
      • 83% of enterprises believe it’s important to develop leaders at all levels in a company.
      • Only 5% of companies have integrated leadership development in their corporations.

The concepts associated with leadership and development are often overlooked. Maximum Accountability® is a one-stop resource to teach those on and off the field about leadership. After reading this book, you will know to take your business and life to the next level.

About the Author

William J. Rizzo (“Bill”) is the Chief Strategist and CEO of Quantum Strategies. As a serial entrepreneur, he has helped countless others find success in the area of leadership.

As Chief Strategist, Bill can call upon his unique experience and expertise across multiple disciplines, providing clients with layers of strategic insight. Further, with his ability and expertise in understanding complex situations, Bill develops and tailors’ creative solutions to meet client’s unique needs.

Before founding Quantum Strategies, Bill Held various senior positions at SEI Investments, Russell Investment Group, DuPont Capital Management, Pitcarin Trust Company, and Davidson Capital Management. Bill is a Wharton School of Business graduate and proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Bill is also a member of the CFA Society of Philadelphia.

Bill is an active member of various nonprofit organizations, including The Marine Corp League, Colon Cancer Awareness, and the First State Police Foundation. He also serves as Athletic Director for St. Cornelius Parish and is the founder and past President of the Brandywine Valley Baseball Organization. Currently, Bill is a member of the Delaware Veterans Post #1 and the Concord Country Club. He resides in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Barbara, and their six children.