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New technology automatically schedules meetings with your ideal prospects without cold calling.


The Maximum Accountability Lead Generator is an online tool designed to automatically schedule meetings for small business owners with their ideal audience or potential job applicants.

This state-of-the-art technology leverages the power of LinkedIn’s filtered database to identify ideal prospects or recruiting candidates. The specific audience receives customized messaging via an automated marketing process, resulting in weekly scheduled appointments, interviews, or demos.

“Prospecting for new business or new candidates are two main problems business owners consistently experience,” said William J. Rizzo, CEO of Maximum Accountability. “Our solution automates the prospecting portion of the sales process, increasing the number of opportunities to generate leads and revenue.”

Account setup is easy, and users can choose one or many campaigns to run simultaneously. Leads are sent in real-time, and all data is compiled and can be seamlessly integrated into the user CRM.

The Maximum Accountability Lead Generation tool has been well-tested and proven to be highly successful in recruiting financial advisors and as a new client acquisition tool for marketing and commercial insurance agencies. First-time users can take advantage of special offers by visiting: www.MaximumAccountability.net/lead-generator.

About Maximum Accountability

Maximum Accountability is a branded concept created by William J. Rizzo, Chief Strategist and CEO of Quantum Strategies. As a serial entrepreneur, he has helped countless others find leadership success and shares those insights within his latest book.

The Maximum Accountability Lead Generator is an online tool designed to support the needs outlined by leadership to drive revenue and attract top talent. To learn more, visit www.MaximumAccountability.net/lead-generator.